Mu Koh Surin National Park


Mu Koh Surin National Park is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea located approximately 70 kilometres off the western shore. It is next to the Thailand – Myanmar border, covering a total area of approximately 84,375 rai out of which about 20,594 rai is an on land area. The Park comprises 5 major islands; namely, Koh Surin Nuea, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Khai (Koh Torinla), Koh Klang (Koh Pachumba), and Koh Ri (Koh Satok). It was proclaimed a national park on 9 July, 1981, and includes islands with beautiful coral reefs in the shallows and various schools of fish of different colours. It offers ideal spots for snorkelling to admire coral reefs in the shallows, especially at Koh Torinla and Koh Pachumba. An ideal spot for scuba diving is the Richeliu Rock, 10 kilometres to the southwest of Koh Surin. This is a site of fertile undersea nature, habitat of various kinds of fish, colourful corals, and where whale shark, the kind Giant of the Sea, is frequently encountered. The most suitable period for a visit is between November and April whereas from May to October is the period of monsoons when there are heavy rainfalls and windy wavy sea.


For further information, contact

the Mu Ko Surin National Park, Tambon Khura.

Amphoe Khura Buri, Phang-nga 82150,

Tel. 0 7649 1378, 0 7649 1582, or

the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora, Bangkok,

Tel. 0 2562 0760 or visit




Mu Koh Similan National Park


Similan is a Yawi or Malay word, which means nine or a group of nine islands. This is located in Tambon Ko Phra Thong, Amphoe Khura Buri, occupying an area of 32,000 acres. It was declared a national park on 1st September 1982. Similan is a small group of islands comprising nine islands stretching from north to south, respectively, namely: Koh Bon, Koh Bayu, Koh Similan, Koh Payu, Koh Miang (two adjoining islands), Koh Payan, Koh Payang, and Koh Huyong. The National Parks office is located on Koh Miang. Similan is highly praised for its beautiful scenery, both onshore and underwater. It is situated 70 kilometres from Phang-nga town. Best time to visit is between November and April.


Accommodation : There are bungalows and tents as well as restaurants available on the island. For reservation, contact Mu Koh Similan National Park, tel: 0 2562 0760,


For more information contact

Mu Koh Similan National Park, Mu 1,

Thap Lamu, Tambon Lam Kaen,

Amphoe Thai Mueang, Phang-nga 82120,

Tel. 0 7642 1365 or 0 7659 5045.


Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park


Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park is located 33 kilometres. from Amphoe Takua Pa at Km. 56-57 on the left of Highway No. 4. It was established as a national park in August 1991 and covers a total area of 78,125 rai in Amphoe Takua Pa, Amphoe Thai Mueang, Amphoe Kapong, and Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga.


The Park features undulating mountains including Khao Lak, Khao Saeng Thong, Khao Mai Kaeo, and Khao Plai Bang To. The mountains are covered with evergreen forests where several species of flora can be found such as Yang – Dipterocarpus alatus, Phayom – Shorea roxburghii, Malacca teak, Bunnak – Mesua ferria, Takhian Thong – Hopea odorata, Krabak – Anisoptera costata, etc. The highest mountaintop is about 1,077 metres above sea level and is the watershed of the province’s major rivers including the Phang-nga and Takua Pa. Frequented fauna are Malayan tapir, tiger, Sumatran serow, monkey, langur, deer, barking deer, great argus pheasant, hornbill, woodpecker, bulbul, and hill myna. There are 5-kilometres and 7-kilometres Namtok Ton Chong Fa Nature Trails, taking about 2 and 5 hours, respectively. There are nature interpretation signs along the steep routes. A guide is needed.


Accommodation and tents are available. For further details, please contact

the Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park,

Mu 7 Tambon Khuekkhak,

Amphoe Takua Pa, Phang-nga 82110,

Tel. 0 7648 5414, 0 7648 5243 or

National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department,

Bangkok Office: Tel. 0 2562 0760 or visit


Admission Fee:

Adult 400 baht and Child 200 baht For more information of Phang Nga province tourism or Thailand Tourism please visit